Anew Nature is St. Louis based furniture restoration and design house. We use our work to teach a not for profit vocational training class to unemployed, at risk men. Many of which have no chance for gainful employment due to felony convictions. Our one of a kind pieces of art are a direct bi-product of opportunity being extended to the under privileged! These works included rustic and modern fusion tables, head boards with deep comfortable foam, unique home decor, restoration and upcycling services to clients who are looking to update their space, recycled wood wall coverings with shelving and hidden compartments, steel and wooden bench seating, beautiful artwork incorporated into any piece of furniture, custom chandeliers made of recycled materials and even old stereo cabinets where we have installed updated hardware and built in refridgerators.

We look forward to serving our city to help empower leaders in our community. When you buy from Anew Nature you directly enable us to expand and better help our St. Louis family members who need it most!